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Why Automated SEO Reports Fall Short

When a website's owner hires an SEO firm or stand-alone specialist to improve their site's long-term prospects for beneficially high positions in Google's SERPs, one of the services expected of the workers is a routine report that shines a light ...

These Are Some Important Things to Know About Using Backlinks

URL stands for "Uniform Resource Locator," and this terminology reflects that a given web page occupies a precise point in digital space that would be counted separately from one that is only differentiated by one or two text characters. When Google's search ...

Copywriting and SEO Have a Lot of Overlap in Marketing

The content on a given web page is obviously a critically important factor that Google's algorithms sift through and assess when determining what SERPs that page belongs to and how high that page and the rest of the website should generally place on their ...

This SEO Technique Saves the Day After a SERP Drop

There was a time when reputation management mostly consisted of creating and publishing substantial volumes of positive content for the purpose of burying negative mentions of a brand, company, or individual on the Google search engine results page. For the most part, this used to work ...

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