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Learn Effective SEO By Practicing On Your Own Website

There's no better way to learn SEO than to practice on your own websites. This way, you have somewhere to implement what you learn and see how it effects your ranking over time. Just don't keep checking your own site while signed ...

Google Algorithms Downgrade the Role of Incoming Links to Sites

In the context of web design, links hold websites together in ways beyond giving visitors a labeled and self-evident method of transitioning between individual pages. Of course, this type of link-building is referred to as internal links because those who would follow them technically both start ...

Why It Takes So Long to Learn Search Engine Optimization

It takes forever to learn SEO. If you want to become an SEP specialist, you never stop learning because SEO constantly changes. Google and other search engines keep changing how they rank sites. You have to must keep up with these changes and how they will ...

Are Big Changes Coming with June and July Google Updates?

Google is at it again. On June 2, 2021, Google released a Broad Core Algorithm Update call the June 2021 Core Update, with another one due next month. July’s core update will be called the July 2021 Core Update. Google didn’t get everything they ...

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