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Person Gets Info on Whether or Not Guest Blogs Deliver

A website owner has received a lot of emails from guest post writers. These writers create long articles and links for a good price. They wanted to know if this is a good approach to use for SEO. The original poster wanted to know if this ...

Community Provides Recommendations for SEO Beginner Courses on Different Platforms

A beginner is looking for the best SEO courses available on the Udemy platform. They posed this question to a big SEO discussion group in hopes of getting some tips on which ones are worth the time and/or expense. This person noted that there are ...

Online Community Critiques Proposed Peer Critique Thread

In a large group that discusses website designs, a person wondered if a daily thread for critiquing each other's work could be established. In this person's vision, anyone could jump in to criticize a site if they want to. A person could ...

How to Handle a Bad Website as a Designer or Marketing Specialist

In a large online design community, a person asked others if they had ever been handed a dumpster fire of a website and had to get it back on track. This person said that it seems to be the norm for site designers and SEO marketers ...

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