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Coder Wants to Know If Back Links Cause Google Dings

A website designer has a question for other designers about follow versus no follow back links on websites. This person wanted to know if it is okay for them to put a back link to their own website on the footer of a client's ...

The Ahrefs Tool Has Had Some Changes That for Marketers

Backlinks are considered to be among the most important aspects of search engine optimization; for this reason, SEO professionals and internet marketers often make use of free online checkers to research potential targets. While this is something that can also be accomplished on SEO productivity platforms ...

Develop an SEO Campaign That Brings Customers and Money Your Way

What is widely considered to be a more relevant baseline statistic for measuring a business website's success is the number of individual interactions the site gets on a monthly or yearly basis. This is distinct from the statistic that merely documents the number of ...

Use These Tips to Find Blogs Looking for Guest Writers

Guest posting on blogs and websites has long been an effective way to obtain traffic for your own sites. The problem for many bloggers and site owners is that they soon run out of guest posting opportunities. If this happens it means that you will need ...

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