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Use These Tips for Faster Page Downloading Speeds in Mobile

The download speed of a website's pages in general is an important element that Google's indexing spiders take into consideration when grading them and assigning search rankings to them. If an otherwise informational and high-authority site takes many seconds to load and ...

Google's Recent BERT Update Makes SERP Ranking An Uphill Climb

Google regularly commits to concealed revisions of the algorithms and AI-driven processes it uses to refresh the metaphorical playing field that all websites trying to place as high in SERPs as possible partake in. Without these updates, the highly competitive SEO industry would slowly gravitate toward ...

5 Key Tips for Your Image SEO

Even though Google's AI can detect image subjects, image SEO is still important. Everyone knows you should name your image files appropriately, without keyword stuffing, but what else can you do? Use the Best Image Possible Using the best image possible is essential. You ...

What You Need to Know About URL Redirection and Backlinks

A marketer wanted to know if a redirect impacts the back links when conducting search engine optimization (SEO) on a site. The original poster stated that they wrote and posted a press release. it was picked up by a reputable site. Only two days later, the ...

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