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The Ins and Outs of Google Indexing As Website Creators

You can work very hard at moving your site up in Google's search results by publishing high-quality new content. Sometimes, you wait and wait for the traffic to come, but Google hasn't indexed your new content after a week. Unfortunately, there' ...

Use This List of Free Learning Resources for SEO Online

A marketing professional has shared a link that offers SEO resources that are now free. With many places closed for shelter in place orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are stuck at home. If these people are not able to work, or they are ...

Free MOZ Academy Course Offers Marketers a Helpful SEO Credential

The majority of search engine optimization professionals are familiar with the Moz brand and its various tools, but not many are aware of their online academy program. Moz Academy does most of its advertising on its own website and through low-key search engine campaigns, but you ...

Use These Tips to Harmonize Google Rankings for Mobile and Desktop Websites

Google's mobile-first indexing has some publishers confused. They see their site ranking at the top of mobile search results for a keyword and a lower ranking for the same keyword on a desktop device. This leads some individuals to believe there are two separate ...

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