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How to Build a Portfolio and Score SEO Clients

Freelance SEO professionals have to start somewhere, usually Fiverr or somewhere else where small businesses are looking for affordable SEO. Unfortunately, it's hard to get clients without a portfolio and until you get clients, you can't build a decent portfolio. You can ...

Ad Blockers and Affiliate Marketers: A Primer For Success

About one in four people in the U.S. use an ad blocker and they are most popular with 18 to 29 year old individuals. Affiliate marketers often believe the ad blockers block banner ads and annoying popups, but they can also keep users from seeing ...

SEO Forums are Helpful to Those Who Also Help Themselves

Many search engine optimization forums don't provide the help they started out to offer because there are many lazy people who would rather ask a basic SEO question that Google it. SEO professionals on forums get tired of being asked the same questions over ...

The Right Way to Set Up a Site's Landing Page

Separate landing pages for each of your target demographics is a good idea. While your offer remains the same for everyone but change your design slightly and your text to appeal to different demographics. Landing pages have one purpose; to convert. They don't have ...

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