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Pay Attention to What Google Will Index for SEO Needs

Much of the intended goal of SEO revolves around preparing a website's content and technical underpinnings for the automated process Google routinely performs in which search crawlers discover pages and index them so as to determine how high they should appear in relevant SERPs. ...

SEO Battles: When to Fight and When to Run

As an SEO professional, you'll deal with clients who expect you to do everything. Rarely, you'll run in to a client opposed to change and doesn't want you to change certain thing even though it would help their rankings. You ...

Choosing The Appropriate Posting Method For All Your SERP Content

In any website's efforts to acquire the highest positions in SERPs, it is widely seen as appropriate that uploading content that is a duplicate of content posted on a separate website that has already been indexed will do anything but provide the same level ...

Use These Tips for Optimizing the Loading Speed of Images

Images are essential for most websites; can you imagine a food blog without images? The only problem is visitors can wait forever for your site to load if you don't optimize your images. They won't wait long either; three seconds is most ...

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