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Advantages of Moving to Secure Sockets Layer Protocol

Websites can only benefit from installing the Secure Sockets Layer protocol because it causes any connection between a given website's server and each of its clients to be more secure than it would be otherwise. When a website makes use of the SSL protocol, ...

How To Use YouTube Videos for Effective SEO

Search engine optimization primarily exists within two broad categories. The first encompasses technical feats that are applied to the internal workings of a website so that search engines' crawlers will have quality content to parse. The second encompasses social outreach campaigns conducted off-site that draw ...

A Comparison of Leading SEO Providers

Chances have it that if you have owned or worked for a small business at any point throughout the past decade, you're familiar with search engine optimization. If you know what search engine optimization is, you've probably made at least one Google ...

Make Your Website User-Friendly With A Silo Structure

Website structure is one of many important factors SEO strategists must understand. Having a logical, ordered structure gives users a path of breadcrumbs, and tells search engines how a website flows. What most people don't realize is that the Website Silo Structure is probably ...

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