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I've Just Been Hired As An SEO Consultant. Now What?

Though this is hardly a groundbreaking revelation, there’s no refuting that foreign pursuits of any magnitude provoke an onslaught of uneasy feelings. This notion rings especially true when referencing the SEO field. For those who’ve recently embarked on an SEO consultant journey, here are ...

SEO Optimize Your Website with These Practical Tips

SEO for E-commerce sites still abide by the same principles of any other site. Covering the basics, like meta descriptions and header tags, are just the start of the optimization process. Especially if one only sticks to white hat methods, it can take a huge investment ...

Optimize SEO to Skyrocket Online Shop Sales

Owning an online shop without much of a presence on social media will likely depend on SEO traffic to make sales. This is where SEO optimization becomes a need in order to get products (and other pages) on to the front page of google searches. Improving ...

There are right ways and wrong ways to do SEO

Search engines - let's take just Google, for example - process in excess of a whopping trillion searches for every 365-day period since sometime in 2016. Isn't that amazing? Considering that, in today's world, more people rely on their smartphones ...

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