Web Designers Who Have SEO Expertise Get More / Better Job Prospects

Web Designers Who Have SEO Expertise Get More / Better Job Prospects

A recent survey of Reddit users who identified as SEO or web design professionals indicated that they are more likely to provide offers to job applicants whose resume included the combined skillsets of SEO and web development.

The search engine optimization has matured to the level that some agencies are now listing university degrees as hiring requirements. Let's keep in mind that there are not that many institutions of higher learning offering comprehensive SEO courses, at least not yet; however, some digital marketing degree programs are getting better in this regard. Based on this, there is a burgeoning job market for SEO professionals, and this further means that they have to get used to the idea of getting laid off every now and then.

Topics related to layoffs are being discussed with greater frequency on SEO discussion forums; to this effect, a recent post dealt with a situation whereby a college graduate lasted eight weeks at an agency. We are talking about a first job right out of college, and the dismissed employee was noticing a dearth of job listings for professionals in his new field.

Many of the responses to the aforementioned post inquired about the job candidate's web design skills. The reasoning behind this question is that some SEO practitioners are noticing that agencies now want web designers who can also take care of optimization and managing marketing campaigns. There are many SEO professionals who know their way around web builders and even have enough knowledge to design a new website, but not as many as agencies would like. There are others who have a stronger grasp of search engine marketing, and some who have no real experience on the subject, which is often the case for recent college graduates.

One thing that newly minted SEO professionals should always be mindful of is that this industry does not operates like others. SEO is still many years away from becoming a traditional sector, and this means that "help wanted" ads can come with many caveats. You are more likely to find open positions if you tap into your LinkedIn network; this is because SEO continues to develop in a way that encourages an insider atmosphere. This is another reason why seasoned professionals cannot wait for colleges and universities to produce more SEO graduates; the sector needs to move in a more traditional direction. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/mnjcxm/i_just_got_laid_off_after_8_weeks_of_working_in/.

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