25 Best SEO Tips According to 10 Best SEO

You broke your back building your website. You paid a designer to create your logo and refine your layout. You have a healthy amount of content already up, and a plan for more in the near future. You have the bugs ironed out of your membership system, and you have your terms of service, FAQs, a support email… everything you need to launch. Now you need visitors. Our Best SEO Tips can help!

#1 of 25 Best SEO Tips Google offers a Keyword Planner tool that scans your site and shows you what it thinks it is about, offering relevant keyword suggestions. This is a great starting point for seeing what you might need to tune – does Google think you sell cats and not cat toys? – or to get periodic checkups to see if you are on the right track, making it number one on our Top SEO Tips.

#2 of 25 Best SEO Tips You can do this using a tool like Google Adwords or by asking them using a web survey or other method. Knowing what your ideal visitor actually types into Google to find what you offer is extremely valuable information.

#3 of 25 Best SEO Tips If you own a chocolate shop and aren't Hershey's, you will have a hard time ranking for the keyword "chocolate." When deciding on keywords, find popular phrases of at least two words that people search for. This gives you a much better chance of showing up on the search engine's radar and is one of the most important of 10 Best SEO's 25 SEO Tips.

#4 of 25 Best SEO Tips The single biggest keyword location you need to focus on is the title tag. This is what shows up on the taskbar for your browser window and on the tab with your site open. Use the most relevant keyword for that particular page, and try to have a different, relevant keyword for every individual page on your site. Use your primary keyword for your home page.

#5 of 25 Best SEO Tips Customer feedback is the most important metric of ROI. But short of enraged callers, customer feedback can be hard to come by. It must be sought. Thankfully, there are several venues by which you can glean audience response. Launch a customer focus group, conduct an audience perception survey, or allow comments on your Facebook profile page. Encourage an open-door policy.