#6 - 10 Best SEO Tips According to 10 Best SEO

In the modern internet environment, everyone is wary of advertising in all its forms. You can pay for ads on related websites or in search engines, but they can be hit or miss, and if you are not immediately and directly converting your visitors to cash they can be prohibitively expensive. You can try some kind of grassroots campaign on forums, but militant forum-goers are usually quick to shout down so-called "shills." One of the few sources people still trust is what they find on their favorite search engine.

#6 of 25 Best SEO Tips H1 tags are the primary headers for each page, and alt tags are the extra text that pops up when you hover your mouse over an image for a second. Search engines watch both of these, and visitors notice headers before anything else, so make them relevant and keyword rich, but not keyword stuffed!

#7 of 25 Best SEO Tips Search engines have refined their algorithms many times over the years, and one thing they now watch for is content that uses particular keywords a little too much. Be careful about using your keywords and keyword phrases more than about 4-5 times per page – including close synonyms! – and you will stay one step ahead of those who have not learned our Top Search Engine Optimization Tips.

#8 of 25 Best SEO Tips Backlinks are links to your site from elsewhere on the Internet. Search engines see these links and assume that your site must have useful content if people are linking there. The best backlink is a genuine one that someone posts entirely on their own, and the best way to get those is with quality content!

#9 of 25 Best SEO Tips There are enthusiast websites for everything under the sun nowadays, and many of them are well-regarded by search engines and have throngs of readers. Reach out to them genuinely and see if any will look at your product and review it on their blog. This not only draws attention from their audience, but provides quality backlinks, making it one of the Best SEO Tips.

#10 of 25 Best SEO Tips The tenth of our 25 SEO Tips is offering testimonials to feature your site. A lot of sites are after genuine testimonials and reviews from their own customers so they can show people how good their own service is. Many will allow you to tuck in a link back to your own site if you write a testimonial for them. Do not try and fake this, though; only write testimonials for sites and products you genuinely use and enjoy.