10 Best San Diego SEO Agencies

Last Updated April 01, 2019

San Diego may be a beach community, but there is nothing laid back about business success in this Southern California city. Instead, competition is fierce in San Diego, which means that all the best businesses fight for the best website. A website is a critical advertising tool to reach new customers and sustain relationships with current customers. In order to get ahead with your website, check out this list for the best San Diego SEO business. These web development firms are based in the San Diego community, and they specialize in the latest and best techniques for search engine optimization. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Best San Diego SEO Companies of 2019
Rank Name Website Location Hourly Rate Rating Employees Learn More

Ignite Visibility ignitevisibility.com San Diego $$$ 99% 50-250

Brighthaus brighthaus.com San Diego $$$$$ 99% 50-250

Business Online businessol.com San Diego $$$$$ 97% 50-250
4 High Rank Websites highrankwebsites.com San Diego $$$$ 96% 10-50
5 eReach Consulting ereachconsulting.com San Diego $$$$ 94% 10-50
6 Saba sabaseo.com San Diego $$$ 94% 10-50
7 Titan SEO titan-seo.com San Diego $$$$ 90% 10-50
8 39 Celsius 39celsius.com SD $$$ 90% 1-10
9 Organik SEO organikseo.com Solana Beach $$$$ 85% 10-50

#1 of 10 Top SD SEO BusinessesIgnite Visibility

5060 Shoreham Place, #260, San Diego, CA 92122 - +1 (619) 752-1955

#1 of 10 Top SD SEO Agencies of 2019 - Are you contemplating starting a heavy internet marketing campaign? If so, you need a company that knows what it's doing and can get the results you desire. And the top SEO firm in the industry is Ignite Visibility. Based in San Diego, California, Ignite Visibility is the #1 search engine marketing agency in the USA, Canada and UK. You may have even read about them in top magazines like Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur. Ignite Visibility offers many services ranging from print media and public relations to SEO and Amazon marketing. For more information about this top-notch agency, call 619-752-1955 right now.

#2 of 10 Best SD SEO BusinessesBrighthaus

San Diego, California - +1 (800) 605-8913

#2 of 10 Best SD SEO Businesses of 2019 - Brighthaus is a search engine optimization firm that is proud to have a team of true experts in search engine practices. The company has one office in San Diego, California, from which it can readily serve the interests of its clients across the Southern California area. Brighthaus was created in 2001 by someone who had been working with the World Wide Web in terms of providing companies with services that help them succeed online, having since accumulated clients among the same caliber of Spotify and the National Football League. Brighthaus also brings social media marketing and PPC advertising services to its clients.

#3 of 10 Top SD SEO BusinessesBusiness Online

San Diego, California - +1 (619) 699-0767

#3 of 10 Best SD SEO Businesses of 2019 - Best SEO Agency Business Online has earned a place among the top agencies thanks to its superior work in the online marketing field. More notably, the firm has performed exceptionally well in the area search engine optimization. The success has a lot to do with understanding where SEO started and where it is today. While ranking as high as possible with the search engines is a priority, earning that spot comes from marrying its client's goals with their target market's online search behavior. The team at Business Online, therefore, combines its expertise with knowledge to develop a successful SEO campaign.

#4 of 10 Best SD SEO FirmsHigh Rank Websites

San Diego, California - +1 (858) 935-9478

#4 of 10 Top SD SEO Companies of 2019 - High Rank Websites is one of the best SEO agencies in the business today. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a popular method of increasing your online visibility. When a potential customer searches for a business or service like yours, they're going to go with the companies on the top of the search-results list. High Rank Websites can optimize your website so that it appears towards the top of search-engine results lists. They can even build an SEO focused website for your business from scratch. High Rank Websites also provides website content and a number of digital-marketing services.

#5 of 10 Best SD SEO BusinesseseReach Consulting

San Diego, California - +1 (866) 744-2532

#5 of 10 Top SD SEO Firms of 2019 - Your business' online visibility is crucial in driving more traffic to your door, which is why hiring the right marketing firm is so important. When you work with eReach Consulting, you'll be benefitting from an award-winning group of marketers who know how to drive traffic to any site. While they are experienced in using a variety of marketing tools, their SEO services may be of the most value to you. The eReach Consulting team will use the latest SEO rules and trends to ensure your website is featured near the top of relevant search results. This one service will help you stay ahead of your rivals and help you build a formidable brand name.

#6 of 10 Best SD SEO BusinessesSaba

San Diego, California - +1 (858) 223-1904

#6 of 10 Top SD SEO Agencies of 2019 - As a busy professional or business owner, you don't always have time to oversee every aspect of your marketing mix. And you know you need help when it comes to search engine optimization, which is the best way to generate tons of traffic or leads. That's where Saba can help. Saba is one of San Diego's most trusted SEO firms. Its expert professionals can help you overhaul your website and attain high rankings in local search engines. In fact, Saba is a premier Google partner and can get you all the exposure you need on the top search engine. Saba offers many services ranging from web design and development to SEO and social media management. For further details on Saba's services, call 858-346-5007.

#7 of 10 Best SD SEO FirmsTitan SEO

San Diego, California - +1 (858) 432-7206

#7 of 10 Best SD SEO Firms of 2019 - Located in San Diego, California, Titan SEO is a digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization. The team at the firm have deep roots in technical search engine optimization. The experts at Titan SEO provide their clients with innovative and effective SEO solutions that increase user engagement and result in higher revenue and profits. The team is also successful because the of the firm's patented, proprietary TitanBOT. This technology helps the firm's clients get more qualified leads and lowers the likelihood of negative algorithms. Titan SEO is a firm that has a team of caring professionals who are dedicated to their clients.

#8 of 10 Best SD SEO Businesses39 Celsius

SD, California - +1 (858) 324-4603

#8 of 10 Best SD SEO Businesses of 2019 - 39 Celsius is a boutique agency that specializes in helping small to mid-sized companies. They work with businesses in a wide variety of industries including those in the healthcare, technology and hospitality fields. 39 Celsius has offices in both Temecula and San Diego, CA. The team at 39 Celsius uses search engine optimization to help clients target the customers that they want and need. The 39 Celsius experts analyze the client's business, and then they develop the keywords and phrases that will be most relevant to attract potential customers to the client's website.

#9 of 10 Best SD SEO CompaniesOrganik SEO

Solana Beach, California

#9 of 10 Top SD SEO Businesses of 2019 - The importance of search engine optimization can no longer be overstated. Best SEO Agency Organik SEO has been recognized for its superior work in the online marketing field, and more specifically, its work in SEO. For this agency, completing SEO according to the best practices is a priority, but it also takes it a step further. The goal is to deliver an SEO campaign that will deliver organic results down the road, too. At Organik SEO, the process includes on-page and off-page elements. Technical SEO, content and link reclamation as well as link building are steps that will be taken.

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