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Since the founding of Titan SEO nearly two decades ago, the company has served as a formidable presence in the digital space. With its headquarters in San Diego, the team is comprised of 50 highly skilled experts in search engine optimization, pay per click, content marketing and web design. Forged in the fires of competition, Titan SEO boasts a wealth of experience with clients from all industries: from advertising & marketing to hospitality & leisure, and from small businesses to enterprises. With a focus on helping clients increase their market share, brand equity, organic traffice and most of all increase their revenue and profits, Titan SEO has earned the trust and recognition of several respected entities. Googel has deemed them an “All-Star” and “Premier Partner”, while Facebook has certified the company as a Blueprint Agency partner. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and Bing/Microsoft have also all called upon the company’s services. This consequential combination of knowledge, collective skill and dedicated service has resulted in numerous awards, including being named one of the best companies to work for by Inc Magazine, and Search Engine Land’s best agency - features that should shine brightly amongst the stars in the digital space.