10 Best Real Estate SEO Firms

Last Updated January 01, 2020

Work with a leading real estate SEO agency to give your business a new growth opportunity. See your name listed at the top of major search engine pages and enjoy receiving new visitors to your website. Publish fresh content on your real estate blog to attract curious visitors who are interested in buying property. When you contract with a real estate company specializing in search engine optimization strategies, you benefit from using optimal keyword searches and link-building techniques. Achieve top sales and commissions today when you work with a professional SEO agency dedicated to promoting your real estate listings. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Top Real Estate SEO Agencies of 2020
Rank Name Website Location Hourly Rate Rating Employees Learn More

Boostability boostability.com Lehi $$ 97% 250+

Ignite Visibility ignitevisibility.com San Diego $$$ 97% 50-250

Straight North straightnorth.com Chicago $$ 94% 50-250
4 OneIMS oneims.com Chicago $$$$ 93% 10-50
5 Victorious SEO victoriousseo.com San Francisco $$$ 93% 10-50
6 Element 360 element-360.com Asheville $$$$ 92% 1-10
7 SEO Brand seobrand.com New York $$$$ 92% 50-250
8 Guru Effect gurueffect.com Phoenix $$$$ 92% 1-10
9 Redline SEO Services redlineseoservices.com Phoenix $$$$$ 88% 1-10
10 Sachs Marketing Group sachsmarketinggroup.com West Lake Village $$$$ 88% 10-50
11 SEO Inc seoinc.com Carlsbad $$$$$ 87% 10-50
12 SharpNet sharpnetsolutions.com Fort Collins $$$ 87% 10-50
13 Bruce Clay bruceclay.com Moorpark 85%
14 Blue Corona bluecorona.com Gaithersburg $$$ 85% 50-250

#1 of 10 Top Real Estate SEO FirmsBoostability

2600 W Executive Parkway, #200, Lehi, UT 84043 - +1 (800) 261-1537

#1 of 10 Top Real Estate SEO Businesses of 2020 - Boostability is an SEO firm that focuses on providing details for real estate agencies that might need assistance in reaching more viewers. The goal is to provide the content that viewers are looking for online when they want to buy or sell homes so that the website can reach the top of the list of search engine pages. The firm works with each client in order to craft a plan that increases traffic and that is also easy to understand.

#2 of 10 Best Real Estate SEO AgenciesIgnite Visibility

5060 Shoreham Place, #260, San Diego, CA 92122 - +1 (619) 752-1955

#2 of 10 Top Real Estate SEO Businesses of 2020 - Ignite Visibility is a real estate SEO firm that's based out of San Diego, California. This firm has experience helping companies from all walks of life create websites of all sizes. Whether you own a startup or a large corporation, Ignite Visibility can help create the right website. Ignite Visibility offers logo creation, landing page design, mobile website creation, and social media marketing services. Choosing these services helps to ensure that your company succeeds in all aspects of search engine optimization. If your real estate company is ready to achieve better SEO results, contact Ignite Visibility.

#3 of 10 Best Real Estate SEO FirmsStraight North

211 W Upper Wacker Dr, #1800, Chicago, IL 60606 - +1 (844) 265-0722

#3 of 10 Top Real Estate SEO Companies of 2020 - Just like in real estate, location is everything in search engine optimization. In order for people to find you, you need to create and run a successful SEO campaign. That's where Straight North can help you. In fact, Straight North is a full-service digital marketing company that's been providing SEO services since 1997. The company also has 100 full-time experts on staff to help you build your real estate business. Some of the services Straight North provides include web design, local SEO, social media advertising, pay-per-click advertising, link building, and even lead tracking services. To learn more about Straight North and how the company can help you, call 855-863-8312 today.

#4 of 10 Best Real Estate SEO BusinessesOneIMS

111 E Wacker Dr, #435, Chicago, Illinois 60601 - +1 (847) 327-1970

#4 of 10 Top Real Estate SEO Firms of 2020 - As a real estate agent today, it is imperative that you focus on your online presence. No matter if you specialize in serving clients that are buying or selling a house, the principle remains the same. People today look online for real estate. It is as simple as that. You want to make sure that they can find your website when they are searching for a property in the jurisdiction that you service. To facilitate that, you will want to use OneIMS. This is the best real estate SEO firm in the region right now. They will get you ranked higher.

#5 of 10 Best Real Estate SEO FirmsVictorious SEO

995 Market St., #2, San Francisco, CA 94103 - +1 (415) 621-9830

#5 of 10 Best Real Estate SEO Companies of 2020 - It's no secret that the real estate industry is highly competitive. However, there are some things you can do to better differentiate your real estate agency from others in your local area. Once you define these core competencies, a company like Victorious SEO can help you magnify them online. In fact, Victorious SEO is a highly reputable SEO company that now works with more than 370 clients. These clients wouldn't continue using Victorious SEO unless it was getting them great results. Victorious SEO can do the same for you with its team of experts. To learn more about Victorious SEO and everything it can do to grow your real estate business, call 415-621-9830 today.

#6 of 10 Top Real Estate SEO FirmsElement 360

Asheville, North Carolina

#6 of 10 Top Real Estate SEO Businesses of 2020 - The real estate industry is booming in many areas of the United States. With the active housing market, many business owners want to increase sales and profits. However, the vast majority of potential clients use online listings to search for homes. Without a strong online presence, it is almost impossible for real estate business owners to succeed. Element 360 is a real estate SEO firm. The company helps business owners who are trying to increase their real estate sales. Element 360 will offer various options for clients to choose from. These options will improve a company's website to maximize SEO when clients search for real estate.

#7 of 10 Top Real Estate SEO CompaniesSEO Brand

118 W 22nd St, New York, New York 10011 - +1 (212) 651-9064

#7 of 10 Top Real Estate SEO Firms of 2020 - Tourists often visit large cities because they can have better experiences there than they could in their hometowns or in smaller places. This largely holds true all over the world, no matter the country. SEO Brand often works with real estate companies, especially property management companies that own hotels and the like in building their placement on search engines and other places on the Internet so that more people who are thinking about visiting the areas in which they are could actually see the rooms, amenities, and aesthetics of the hotels they're thinking about going to with SEO Brand's help.

#8 of 10 Best Real Estate SEO BusinessesGuru Effect

Phoenix, Arizona - +1 (602) 441-2901

#8 of 10 Best Real Estate SEO Companies of 2020 - It is amazing to consider the power of the Internet. No longer do you have to wait for clients to drive by a house you are selling. If you can market your website correctly, they will find you no matter where they happen to be in the world. This is how you will grow your agency, so it is important that you put Guru Effect to work for you. This is the best real estate SEO firm in the business because they understand how to get your listings to appear high in localized searches. This will draw traffic to your website.

#9 of 10 Best Real Estate SEO FirmsRedline SEO Services

Phoenix, Arizona - +1 (623) 680-2374

#9 of 10 Top Real Estate SEO Businesses of 2020 - Redline SEO Services is a Peoria, Arizona-based marketing agency that is dedicated to transforming its clients' dreams into reality. It offers internet marketing strategies that are tailored to individual clients rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. This is what it has offered to businesses from a variety of industries, and it is something that the agency prides itself on. The agency has seen success with its approach. It has established a solid reputation for its search engine optimization work. In particular, Redline SEO Services has gained note as a best real estate SEO firm.

#10 of 10 Best Real Estate SEO FirmsSachs Marketing Group

West Lake Village, California - +1 (866) 992-3742

#10 of 10 Best Real Estate SEO Companies of 2020 - In the real estate industry, it's difficult to differentiate your company from the many others in the area. Furthermore, the same old tactics for acquiring leads are nothing special anymore because everyone has access to them. That's why you need an SEO company that can generate more organic traffic for you and send hordes of people to your website. Sachs Marketing Group can do that and much more. In fact, Sachs Marketing Group is an award-winning company that's helped many companies build traffic and sales. The company offers many essential digital services, including website development and design, SEO, social media development, pay-per-click advertising, reputation management, conversion optimization, and even video design and marketing. To learn more about Sachs Marketing Group and how it can help you grow your real estate business, call 866-681-6287.

Special Recognitions

#11 Best Real Estate SEO CompanySEO Inc

Carlsbad, California - +1 (760) 929-0039

SEO is an area where many business owners struggle. Without an effective SEO strategy, it can be difficult for companies to attract new customers. SEO Inc is a company that specializes in designing and implementing an SEO strategy for clients. Over the past few years, SEO Inc has done an excellent job helping clients reach their goals. The company has been nominated for numerous awards in the industry. Anyone who wants to upgrade their online marketing should work with the team at SEO Inc. Now is the perfect time for business owners to invest time and money in this area.

#12 Best Real Estate SEO BusinessSharpNet

612 S College Ave, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524 - +1 (970) 472-0354

SharpNet is a world-class digital marketing company that works with real estate agencies. SharpNet has received numerous awards for their premium services over the years. They know what it takes to establish a strong presence on the internet. SharpNet has a solid reputation for employing unique search engine optimization strategies for their clients. This helps their customers get more business in the competitive real estate niche. SharpNet also excels in social media marketing. Their talents in this area has helped some of their clients close multi-million dollar real estate deals. With SharpNet in your corner, you will see positive results.

#13 Best Real Estate SEO FirmBruce Clay

Moorpark, California

BruceClay is a real estate SEO firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. BruceClay works with businesses and individuals looking to spread their websites further by offering multiple services that range from SEO consulting to custom SEO content creation so that a client doesn't have to go far when looking to get SEO work done. Additionally, BruceClay can handle social media marketing so that the posts being put up on a social media profile makes sense for the audience that someone is trying to target.

#14 Best Real Estate SEO CompanyBlue Corona

Gaithersburg, Maryland - +1 (800) 696-4690

It is a well-understood fact in today's business climate that SEO has become a necessary tool that must be utilized for a company to achieve the kind of search results that lead to strong traffic. This is true for the vast majority of today's industries and the real estate sector is no exception. Within the field of search engine optimization, Blue Corona has established itself as the leader in the field of Real Estate SEO. The team at Blue Corona has helped many businesses with their SEO needs in recent years and the results have been impressive. Firms that range in size from small businesses to major enterprises have come to rely on the team at Blue Corona.

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