Have You Trained Your SEO Client To Replace You? Your SEO Strategy Could Constitute A Trade Secret That You May Want To Guard

Have You Trained Your SEO Client To Replace You? Your SEO Strategy Could Constitute A Trade Secret That You May Want To Guard

One of the greatest disappointments for an SEO expert can be the day when they have completely succeed for their client. Of course this success is exactly what you have worked towards, but there may come a day that your client says, "Well, we've gotten what we want. You are no longer necessary." And truly, they may be correct!

You've built an amazing strategy and executed the campaigns with diligence and professionalism. You've given periodic updates where you client asked every question they could think of and - in the end - you've trained them to be your replacement.

So how much of your stategy can you - or should you - keep to yourself?

On the flip side, if you hire someone to do SEO for you and it works well, do you have a right to know exactly what they did? Some agencies and freelancers don't want to give away their secrets because if you could do it yourself, why would you hire them? That's understandable, but what if you want to know if they used white hat tactics? It's different if you want to know if you will get a Google penalty down the road.

Agencies and certain freelancers have automated software which can do the job cheaper and faster than you ever could. Unfortunately, there are freelancers and even some agencies that use underhanded tactics, like buying traffic or backlinks, that make it look like they've done a good job. Unless you pay top dollar for SEO, you probably won't know exactly what's being done. If you pay $5 for more traffic, don't expect an explanation of where the traffic is from.

If you pay for one-off SEO services on a gig site like Fivver, you can see more traffic to your website and hopefully make more money. Naturally, it's better to pay for ongoing SEO services with a reputable agency, but this can cost hundreds of dollars a month. Small business owners often have no choice but to buy one-off services as contracts with agencies can cost hundreds of dollars or month with six-month or more contracts. While you can sometimes get lucky, you usually get what you pay for when it comes to SEO.

In answer to the question, you have a right to know what someone is doing with your website, however; they don't have to reveal their industry contacts. If they get you backlinks, you can see where they are from and decide if they are good links or not. Use your Google Analytics to see where your new traffic originates. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/ee1v09/against_advice_i_hired_a_fiverr_seo_gig_for/.

SEO Clients Trade Secrets

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