Your SEO Clients See Lower ROI When They Don't Follow Your SEO Advice. Here's Why & How To Fix It

Your SEO Clients See Lower ROI When They Don't Follow Your SEO Advice. Here's Why & How To Fix It

If you feel dismayed when your clients do not follow the strategic SEO advice you so thoughtfully formulated just for them, you are not alone. According to a Twitter poll conducted by a member of a very active SEO online forum, more than half of SEO professionals stated that only about 40% of their clients end up following the advice they paid for. More than 80% of the professionals polled believe that their recommendations are fully implemented less than 70% of the time.

This is a problem because in the long term, if your business is unable to sustain itself in the face of such a substantial discrepancy between what your clients seem to want and what the advice you gave them was actually effective at doing, it is going to come back in uncertain terms This is even true when more than a simple SEO audit is at stake.

The Bottom Line

As dedicated professionals, we are generally here to make sure that our clients' SEO is as effective as possible. It is not just about SEO, and if you don't do what we suggest, you may never see the returns on your investments. The thing is, however, that not all clients are actually able to implement our advice despite their desires, understanding, and best efforts, so we can't really say that there is a bottom line.

As has been previously mentioned, we should not always think of SEO as the end of the road for our clients. It seems reasonable enough, at least if you have a well-established business, but over the years, our clients have gradually seen the impact of SEO on their business become more pronounced. And, over the years, clients have realized that their marketing budget has more than doubled in the span of a few years, making them want less.

In the end, perhaps we should be cutting our clients some slack. They may have very good reasons for not being able to follow our suggestions down to the letter. Getting those organic inbound links may require the work of a PR agency, and this may be something they cannot afford. For more information click here

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