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Want More Traffic? Optimize Your YouTube Videos

Realistically, businesses staying afloat within the contemporary playing field offered by the Internet provide official representations of themselves at any place where those would be expected. It is considered out of the question for a company not to have a profile on both Twitter and Facebook ...

Chrome Makes a Cosmetic Update That Confuses a Lot of Users

A person in the Netherlands reported to the design community that a recent Chrome update resulted in sites not showing up with the "www" prefix. This means that there will not be any subdomains. Visitors will not be able to see the site' ...

Pay Attention to Where Long-tailed Keywords Are Used on Pages

You can target closely related keywords on a single page of your website. Say you sell handmade soap online. You can target buy handmade soap and handmade soap online on a single page because someone who uses either search term would be happy to land on ...

Site Migration Issues To Expect And How To Fix Them

There are many reasons for site migrations, including switching hosts, domains or CMSs. You have to decide if it a migration is worth the risk of affecting your traffic. Problems can range from broken canonicals, loops, missing redirects and more. All problems are fixable given enough ...

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