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Tune Into SEO If You Are Starting A Website

A person plans to build a website that will highlight the best venues to go shopping at in their town. This person wants to have the site function as a go-to spot for the community's tourists and visitors who are new to the area. ...

Making the Most of Keyword Analysis

When a website adopts different keywords and phrases between its pages, the ideal outcome would be that each page is receiving a healthy amount of incoming traffic based on the keywords it is using. Having keywords that are both relatively unique to the website and relevant ...

Free SEO Tools Make It Easy to Try New Tasks

Some search engine optimization tools have free plans, which are ideal for beginners because there is less information to sift through. Paid SEO tools, such as Ahrefs, generate reports with tens of thousands of lines. It's too much information for someone just starting their ...

Use Any of These Free Tools to Find Broken Links

Broken links shouldn’t frustrate users to your website, however, if you have a site with more than a few pages, manually checking each link isn’t practical. There are several free tools that will identify broken links for you, including: Google Webmaster Tools - Google ...

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