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Fun Poem About SEO Lightened Up Valentine's Day

There are times when devoted computer programmers and marketers get a little creative in their work. Valentine's Day has been an inspiration to many a poet for hundreds of years, and one SEO developer took this to heart. An SEO specialist recently created a ...

How Search Engines Actually Identify and Categorize Web Content

Along with the introduction of search engines to the Internet came the need for a structured vocabulary that would allow those search engines to appropriately identify and categorize the contents of web pages, thus allowing them to be sorted for relevance (along with other criteria) each ...

Why One Keyword Will Not Cut It for Quality SEO

Seasoned professionals in the field of search engine optimization know that no single keyword research tool is guaranteed to be 100 percent accurate in terms of assessing the competition. Even Google's own Keyword Planner, one of the most recommended for research purposes, adheres too ...

SEO Is a Dynamic Process and Requires Ongoing Attention

The world of search engine optimization and marketing is extremely dynamic. On one hand, you have Google making unannounced adjustments to its algorithms; on the other hand, online trends that come and go at a very fast pace have a great potential to tilt things in ...

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