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How To Fight Black Hat SEO With These Easy Tactics

The most profitable niches use to have the highest levels of competition. That leads certain marketers to use black hat techniques in SEO, looking to rank their pages regardless of the search engine rules. The engine manipulation techniques of black hat SEO can force Google to ...

Pick Your Keywords Carefully To Rank Higher On Google

When ranking web pages for inclusion within dynamically generated SERPs, Google is only able to determine which potential queries functioning as the bases of their respective SERPs they should rank in by analyzing the text content of the pages for various phrases and terms that are ...

Search Engine Optimization Battles and How to Remain on Top

The race to the foremost pages of relevant SERPs on Google and other search engines' platforms can be an expensive investment and grueling endeavor for both a website's owner and any hired help they may employ. Furthermore, even if the website or a ...

Think Twice About Using Wix If You Need SEO Rankings

Web designers and developers have a love/hate relationship with Wix, one of the most popular online website builders offering self-publishing solutions. From a design and development point of view, looking down on Wix does not make a lot of sense; after all, this is not ...

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