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The Right Way to Set Up a Site's Landing Page

Separate landing pages for each of your target demographics is a good idea. While your offer remains the same for everyone but change your design slightly and your text to appeal to different demographics. Landing pages have one purpose; to convert. They don't have ...

Web Developers Weigh In On How To Increase Loading Speeds

A web marketer noted that they ran their mobile page speed score and got a 75/100 through Google Analytics when their AdSense code was on the page. Without the AdSense code, they got a 98/100 page load speed through Google Analytics. This person wanted ...

For Those Who Wonder How to Get Started with SEO

A person who is just getting established in search engine optimization (SEO) wanted to know if any other SEO marketers had some good podcasts to recommend. Podcasts are ideal for listening to while commuting, exercising, doing household tasks or having a coffee break. They offer an ...

Bots can be Good or Bad; Be Wary

Bots account for more than half of all website traffic. Some are friendly, like Google bot that index sites and looks for new content on existing sites. Unfortunately, most bots are not friendly. Bot can scrape content from many types of websites and directories. If you ...

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