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How to Interview for that SEO Job like a Boss

Now that the internet marketing field has greatly expanded, we are starting to see more job openings for search engine optimization professionals. Just a few years ago, the thought of SEO positions being posted on major online job boards was unthinkable; these days, they are no ...

Recommendations About Measuring Page Loading Speeds for Search Engine Optimization

A person in a large SEO community shared that they did some page speed tests, and their results do not make a lot of sense. They use Pingdom. On their first scan, it said it was going to take 1.96 seconds to load. The person ...

Site's Privacy Policy Has to Be Displayed for Legal Reasons

Home pages and navigation bars are inescapable elements of website development, and the same can be said about site maps as well as privacy policies, which have become ubiquitous elements of compliance and search engine optimization. Any website developed for commercial purposes should have a privacy ...

A Closer Look at Google PageSpeed

There was a time when core web vitals were not very relevant in the world of search engine optimization, and this was largely because the Google algorithm was mostly focused on content instead of other ranking factors such as page loading times. Core web vitals are ...

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