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Google Now Uses UX to How It Ranks a Website

An SEO marketing professional shared a Google article about how to create a better page experience and improve the Google ranking for it. The article discusses user preferences and user experience data that come from surveys completed by consumers who have visited different websites. The article ...

Traffic from Google Goes Down While Other Sources Deliver Increase

A website owner noticed that they usually get most of their search traffic from Google returns, but more recently, they are getting a bigger share of their website traffic from Bing, Yahoo and Duck Duck Go. For example, Google had been 80 to 90 percent of ...

The Simple Way To Optimize Your New Website In 2020

Let's say you have a website that has been around for less than a year and in need of optimization. Naturally, you would start with the basics, meaning on-page SEO and ranking for keywords, before moving to the content optimization stage. At this point, ...

How To Understand And Use Backlinks

Backlinks have become the Holy Grail of search engine optimization; they have largely replaced the "content is king" mantra that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates explained in his seminal 1996 essay about the future of the internet. In the SEO community, opinions about content and ...

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