Your Website's Homepage: How To Build It Right

The home page of any website is obviously one of the most critical for its owner to get right in terms of design, accessibility, and SEO because both Google's search crawlers and the generalized audience for the site use it as a starting point that colors their perception of the rest of the website's content pages. Many pages elsewhere on the site can function as "landing pages" in that large proportions of the website's incoming traffic may enter the website through those particular URLs because they were directed there by SERPs generated from queries about specific topics. Nonetheless, the home page is by far the most significant landing page functioning on the website's behalf because it assembles generalized information broadly describing the site's purpose and subject matter while providing a directory to the website's content pages of choice.

The webmaster of a site may therefore think that the home page warrants extra performance analysis in comparison to the pages that host the site's deeper content. However, the widely available forms of web auditing are generally better used to analyze all of the site's pages and attain a broader picture of the site's online prospects. For example, Google Chrome features an "Audit" function in its free "DevTools" menu that analyzes the currently open page and broadly grades it on several metrics. It not only assigns a rating to the page's SEO practices but also determines whether the technical performance of the page itself avoids pitfalls that would render it sluggish.

Google Chrome's method would force developers to audit every desired page individually, however, but many other SEO-analysis tools and website auditors can provide relatively effective site-wide insight free of charge. These are either browser extensions like aXe for Chrome or stand-alone utilities like SEOptimer. The most reliable site-auditing services, however, come from mainstream utility suites like Ahrefs and SEMrush that offer the brunt of their more powerful functions through paid subscription plans. Finally, since the foremost purpose of auditing a website is to increase its rankings in Google's SERPs, webmasters can consider using Google's own Search Console suite for relevant insight. For more information click here

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