You Can Hit Max SERP Ranking With One Weird Trick

It is always a good idea to keep tabs on what your company's competitors are doing, what their sites are up to and how their sites rank on organic keyword searches. One person found that their competitor seems to be up to a trick. The competitor's site shows 600 words of content in the footer as well as in the body of the page. This results in Google caching the content and displaying it in different ways for different users. It also results in a number one rank for that site for multiple searches, and that ranking has persisted for more than one year. This developer wanted to know if the owner of the competing site was pulling a black hat trick or if this was a legitimate way to go about increasing a site's SERP. One fellow developer explained that the competitor could be doing this trick through elements and coding in CSS. Another coder responded that CSS flex has properties that allow a programmer to institute this type of a design. In CSS flex, the parent container's property can be set to flex within a column. This causes the position of certain text elements to be flexible on the page versus in the coding. Most of the developers had not tried this, and they were curious about how it looks. They wanted to see the URL of the competitor's site in order to take a look at it for themselves. The people who were familiar with this coding technique realized that it is not a black hat technique, just a creative way of using HTML and CSS together in order to deliver an advantage in the search engine algorithms. It is always a good idea to try new ways of coding and to keep tabs on what your competitors are doing. If you see that their site has a top ranking and maintains it, it would behoove you to determine what lead to it and to see if you can do the same on your site. Just be sure to continue to differentiate yourself from the competitor's brand. For more information click here

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