WordPress Tips: Just Be You & Optimize

Do you believe there is always a catch with free SEO plugins for Wordpress? There are free SEO plugins with no catch. The Rank Math SEO plugin helps you optimize your posts, performs AMP SEO, has an internal and external link counter and other great features. The developers say it will remain free with all the features available now, however, a paid version may come out with additional features.

There are several other free SEO plugins which are helpful, such as the popular WordPress SEO by Yoast, but don't depend on a plugin to make your site rank well. You have to understand SEO, otherwise; the plugins are useless. They save you time and help you if you forget an important step, but there isn't a plugin made that will create content which will engage your target audience.

It may surprise some people just starting out; you don't need an SEO plugin for a WordPress website. Many themes already contain breadcrumb navigation and other features. As for keyword density, just write naturally. You don't need to stuff your posts with a keyword to achieve a specific density since Google understands semantic variations. Just write for people, and not search engines.

WordPress is SEO-friendly on its own, although this wasn't always the case. It powers more than 30 percent of the websites on the Internet, including Walt Disney and TechCrunch. If you select an SEO-friendly theme and check your settings, you can do as much to optimize your WordPress site as any plugin. Choose a responsive theme without a lot of plugins that will make your site bloated and load slowly. Set permalinks to show your post title. Always select manual approval for comments; you don't want spam comments and links to drag your site down in the SERPs. If you understand on-site SEO, you can set up your WordPress to be SEO-friendly from day one. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/cbt8wx/rankmathseo/.

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