Why On-site SEO Matters to Google and the Site's SERP

On-site SEO commonly refers to how the content of a website's pages is structured and whether the various meta tags, alt tags, and labels that are not normally visible to audiences are filled out behind the scenes. When Google has its crawlers index a website to evaluate how high each of the site's various pages should rank in generated SERPs, it investigates all of these factors; any SEO campaign therefore tries to implement solutions for every factor without leaving any area untended to. Keywords are common to a lot of the factors in question because of how intrinsically tied they are to a website's identity and subject matter, so one of the most significant hurdles for a website's owner to clear is whether the site's displayed text content features the right balance of relevant keywords. All of this results in websites that primarily exist to display images without much accompanying text being rather inescapably disadvantaged in SEO-related matters. Since a website presenting itself as a gallery will most likely not have copious amounts of text accompanying each image, it will have to rely on its meta tags featuring both descriptive content and a list of keywords to get by. This type of website primarily relies on each image featuring its own descriptive alt tag as a substitute for traditional text content that features visible keywords. Furthermore, this website is all the more reliant on off-site SEO methods such as backlinks existing in its favor, and how its internal links are arranged is also important. Some more niche approaches to handling the issue include implementing a sitemap that charts the images out for Google's sake, giving every image a file name that includes the relevant keyword, and decreasing the images' file sizes whenever possible. Meanwhile, including syntax that references the website schema.org allows a website to influence and expand the structure of its listing in a given SERP on Google. This lets Google's users see uniquely arranged pieces of information about the website that they would have had to open the site in their browsers to see otherwise. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/axj1tf/howwouldyourankawebsitewithmostlyimages/.

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