Why It Takes So Long to Learn Search Engine Optimization

It takes forever to learn SEO. If you want to become an SEP specialist, you never stop learning because SEO constantly changes. Google and other search engines keep changing how they rank sites. You have to must keep up with these changes and how they will affect your clients.

Learning SEO basics does not take long, a month a most with fill-time studying. However, there are many types of SEO, but they all include the basics, like well-written, relevant content and technical SEO. If you want to offer local SEO, you'll have to learn how to build citation. For e-commerce SEO. you'll have to learn how to write unique product descriptions.

It's learning the details of each aspect of SEO that takes a long time. You want your client's site to offer a good user experience, so it has to load fast. This is one of the basic things you can learn as part of Google's ranking factors, but you have to know how to do it. Unless you have a developer to work with, you'll have to learn how to optimize images, incorporate lazy loading and more by yourself. Do you know how to make a site responsive if it isn't? If not, you'll have to outsource the work and delay the client.

The first thing you learn about SEO is Content is King. Maybe you're not the greatest writer, but you have to learn. Even if you outsource the content, you'll still have to be able to recognize stellar content when you see it. You probably won't want to use the client's existing content, since it isn't working out well for the, Clients tend to write about how good their business is instead of how their products or services will benefit consumers.

With SEO, you can never stop learning or you'll end up using outdated methods. Read blogs and keep up with the latest developments during your career. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/nrx2hc/learning_seo/.

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