Why Are Backlinks So Important in SEO?

A website's success is more-or-less proportionate to the height of its placement on search engines' results pages, which in turn is proportionate to how well the site has been optimized for search engines in general. A search engine will rely on crawlers to index websites and gauge how likely their content will be relevant to users who search for particular key terms and phrases. One of the most important factors those crawlers will take into account is whether a website has many quality backlinks referring to it from other websites. Backlinks posted by other websites, so long as they do not include the "nofollow" element, are seen by Google and others as representative of the website's content being relevant enough to have already earned some discussion across the Internet. Therefore, a website's collection of backlinks can be seen as a prime determiner of how high the site can potentially place in SERPs. Backlinks are such a fundamental part of any website's SEO campaign that a website that hypothetically handles all other aspects of SEO perfectly well should not expect to place high in SERPs if it has no backlinks to speak of. No website would attempt to make a serious and expensive effort to rank without including backlinks in its campaign regardless, so there is no chance that a website would be interested in running an experiment to see how high it can place in Google without backlinks providing a requisite foundation. A large part of what makes backlinks so foundational in SEO is how they represent the relevance of a website's particular collection and arrangement of content for a subject matter that many other websites would have already devoted themselves to providing content for. Backlinks therefore reinforce a given website's claim on competitive keywords; however, it can be hypothesized that a website would not need backlinks to become an authority on a certain keyword if there is absolutely no competition for that keyword whatsoever. If a website introduces a keyword for a completely original concept, though, the keyword is most likely not going to become a mainstream term. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/ax4xdh/canwerankkillercontentwithoutbacklinks/.

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