What SEO Professionals Do and How Their Tools Help Them

SEO agencies focus their efforts on getting clients to rank well on Google for certain search queries. They often rely on paid SEO tools for keyword research and for labor-intensive tasks such as checking to make sure a site's links still work. Google owns most of the search market; most tools pull keywords from Google searches.

Many of the paid SEO tools, such as SEMrush, Moz Pro and Ahrefs are expensive. For SEO professionals, the tools offer a good return on investment. Freelancers will find tools a good investment as well, although they can usually only afford one tool. Some get together and share resources, running reports for each other. For example, a person with a tool good for analyzing inbound backlinks may trade reports with someone who has a tool which excels at uncovering new keyword queries.

Using paid tools can help you reach a page one ranking, but there are no guarantees. After all, there are only ten organic positions and some industries are highly competitive. The only way to achieve a high ranking is to provide what people want. If your content is the best, Google will rank your site near the top.

You can use paid SEO tools to find keyword suggestions and learn how many people use the terms each month. Use these terms naturally in your content in a voice your target audience would use. Having a paid tool to help you find the keywords will make your job much easier. Your clients will expect reports with your new keyword suggestions and how you plan to incorporate them in different types of content.

SEO tools provide reports, pie charts, graphs and other goodies which impress clients. Sharing tools, if you are a freelancer, will help you offer a broad range of information to clients and justify your fee. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/gmwh64/finally_ahrefs/.

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