What is Seotify and how can it help you online?

A website designer recently found an extension for Chrome. The extension offers TF_IDF optimization. They noted that it could be an easy way to save time for setting up search engine optimization in a hurry. They offered some personal experience with this as well as an explanation of what it can do and why a web designer might want to use it.

The extension is called Seotify. It is an official TF-IDF analysis extension for WordPress. As an official extension, it allows the user to get TF-IDF analyses directly in their WordPress workflow. The tool was designed in order to help the coder optimize their content as soon as they write it. With this tool, there is no need for the marketer or content developer to use any external products or apps. It takes their content and compares it against the site's top 10 competitors. It then offers suggestions during the editing and publishing phase of setting up the content.

Seotify is easy for a beginner to start using right out of the gate. To use it, the user should begin by installing the extension. They can then open a WordPress post or page editor. They should click on the extension icon in the window, which looks like the letter "S." The TF-IDF analysis of the content will appear above the content. There is extensive written support by Google because it is an official Chrome product for the browser.

A few online marketing experts decided to take a look at what Google says about the extension. One person wondered where the PAA data came from that will be used for the analysis of the content. Another person wondered how in tune the extension is for the mobile environment.

A different person had a more critical look at the extension. This individual said that TF-IDF is an ideal principle in terms of SEO and that it can bring some helpful insight to the process. However, they argue that TF-IDF is not used in a substantial way by Google for its search engine results rankings, adding that the extension is useless. For more information click here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/seotifycom-website-analyt/ifehgcappedgifjkcoggideklbfgdigp.

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