Websites Can Rise in SERPs with Fresh and Relevant Content

A key way of rising in SERPs is to keep your site's content fresh, relevant and authoritative. In some cases, you may even need to create news. What this means is creating interesting content that pulls in the headlines of the day without violating copyright. The content still needs to include SEO, and you will also need to add in plenty of quality back links. To do this, take a look at the day's headlines. Put a local spin or a neighborhood spin on it. One example used by an experienced content curator and SEO marketer is the pumpkin latte released each year by a large, well-known coffee shop. In 2018, the coffee shop released their pumpkin latte drinks earlier than expected. They did it in August, which is still in the middle of summer. Most people are not thinking about pumpkin confections during the heat and humidity of August. This content curator took a look at which places were having the most discussions about the pumpkin lattes. The curator then turned those discussions into relevant and creative content for a site about cooking. The writer even put the discussions on a map so that people could find out where pumpkin lattes were available in their area. The content was part words, part research and part visual maps. This combination draws a lot of attention. Another example by the same content curator is related to the increase of tariffs on imported cars. When the current federal administration proposed certain tariffs on imported vehicles, the curator got images of those cars and created graphics of the current price and the price under newly imposed tariffs. People like the visual element and the fact that the small amount of supporting text was easy to understand. This type of content can then be cold email pitched to journalists at all types of popular publications. The journalists write their own spin and include a link to your original content. This yields a huge increase in traffic and a big boost in SERP. The more you accomplish this, the higher your Google SERP will be. For more information click here

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