Website SEO Auditing: The Choices Available

For online marketers and web designers who are starting out in the SEO industry, using software that provides a free auditing service for a new website is often the only financially viable option to take when looking for a method to evaluate how well a website's current SEO campaign is working for it. Without the capacity to audit a website in its current state, the designer is effectively hoping for the best when they arbitrarily fulfill every step on a checklist that describes general SEO procedure. Even if the designer's efforts do get the website to appear in highly ranked positions on Google's SERPs for a time, the lack of an audit will leave the designer scrambling for answers when Google's algorithms inevitably evolve and prompt various websites to fall behind in rankings.

Google itself offers a fairly wide selection of free utilities that help webmasters get their sites onto the SERPs and keep them there. Google Keyword Planner is among many available options for a utility that measures the traffic strength of a keyword that can be used to distinguish the website's message. Google Analytics is just one of many tools that records and makes estimates with data pertaining to how much traffic the website is eliciting on account of its keywords and other design elements. Google's most direct method of pinpointing weaknesses in a website's design in areas such as user accessibility and technical performance is the Lighthouse extension for Google's Chrome browser.

Third-party tools that serve the same purposes usually require a subscription fee for the full extent of their services, and they often include unpaid arrangements of their services that are either far more limited or are temporarily available in their entirety through trial accounts. Such suites include SEMrush and SEO PowerSuite, which are commonly regarded as capable of more thorough and accurate evaluations. There is even a website located at that lets anyone input the URL for any other site and generate a report grading the site's loading speeds; this makes individual recommendations on whether to condense all of its JavaScript syntax, for example. For more information click here

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