Web Developers Weigh In On How To Increase Loading Speeds

A web marketer noted that they ran their mobile page speed score and got a 75/100 through Google Analytics when their AdSense code was on the page. Without the AdSense code, they got a 98/100 page load speed through Google Analytics. This person wanted to know if it is possible to increase the page loading score while still having the AdSense code on the site. They also wanted to know if they would have to choose between tracking and monetizing their site versus providing the best possible user experience for visitors to the site.

One person replied and said that Google only sees a site as fast or slow. Both of those scores are high enough to not get a negative Google assessment. This person added that they would be more interested in the site's scores from GTmetrix and Google Lighthouse. They added that those tools are better gauges of speed and experience.

One person wanted to know why Lighthouse is more accurate on page speeds than Insights. Someone else said that these scores sounded odd. They wanted to know how the original poster adds the AdSense code and the Analytics code on the pages. They suggested a "prefetch" on the code. A "pre-render" could be another option. They added that a 75 is still a pretty good speed loading page, and going after anything much higher might be more vanity than anything else.

Another person said they wouldn't worry about those scores. Someone else added that it is more of a problem with Site Speed's rating. They added that Google's scripts and AdSense codes are big culprits for slow speeds. They said that using GTmetrix with two scans could sort this out. One scan should be normal and one with AdBlock enabled.

Another person said no, it isn't possible to add code of any kind and make the site load faster. That is due to JavaScript. The site's host bandwidth is also a factor. This person added that if the original poster does their own hosting, they could make some updates with prefetch, asyc and defer properties. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/enk38t/75100mobilepagespeedscorewithgoogle/.

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