Watch Out for the Following Issues When Evaluating Competitor's Backlinks

A person has noticed some weird back links on one of their competitive websites. They are in a niche of the music industry. They discovered that the competition back links are from Russian websites or sites that are different and have no connection with their niche. They wanted to know if anybody could explain this.

One person said that either the owner of the domain or someone they hired collected those back links. Whether or not it will be a good thing will have to wait for time to pass. Another person said that sometimes off-topic back links are enough to rank a site well on Google. A different person wanted to know if there were relevant and quality back links on the site.

A different individual said that this set of back links is probably an artificial job and will not stand the test of time. Someone added comments that most sites stand the test of time without problems, even if they are full of spam and bought links. It is not a requirement and not a good way to grow, but there is not anything preventing them from growing and not getting punished for doing dumb things.

One person said they bought the links. They added that Russian links usually cost less tan one dollar if a person knows where to look. A person asked the original poster if they had noticed a change in organic traffic or keywords. A different individual said that the only advantage of those types of links is getting attention. Another person added that this is a prime example of bad link building.

A commentator added that there is no definitive reason why a person may be doing this kind of off-top link building or why it is working. They wanted to know if the person found any valuable links that helped them boost their rankings. This person added that the original poster should focus on finding valuable and authoritative links and use them as an opportunity in competitors' back links. This person added they have doubts that foreign back links would help. For more information click here

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