Use These Tips When Posting Content to a New Site

When authoring content on a newly launched website for the sake of SEO, there are two separate approaches to posting the content that should both be pursued to best ensure the website's long-term success. These are necessitated by two factors about the website that Google's algorithms are looking for when they index the site. The first factor is that the website ideally features a collection of established, static content that is large and authoritative enough that Google will see the website as having made a good "first impression." The second factor, which starts applying after the website is initially discovered, is that the website routinely posts new content at a steady rate; Google would interpret this as indicative of a website that is actively staying relevant and serving the needs of its intended audience.

If the author of a new website has a limited amount of previously written content pieces to share, it may seem tricky working out how many of them should be posted in tandem with the website's launch and how many should be saved for a regular publication schedule afterwards. However, it can help to recall that websites always have various static pages functioning as requisite technical extensions of the website itself. Pages that present the website's mission statement and describe its business history are meant to be available for anyone to routinely refer back to as the years go by. Meanwhile, new pieces of content tend to be uploaded to websites through an on-site blog feature, and this is where news items and content that is topical merely at present are often posted.

The author of a recent website's content would be wise to preemptively identify all possible pages that would host static content generally describing the website's function and its role in the industry it is dealing in. Once content is written to fill out all of these pages in time for the site's launch, blog posts relating to topics that temporarily become relevant in the future should become the only new content that would need to be written in the future. For more information click here

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