Use These Tips for Updating GMB and an Online Community

Do you have a local business that serves surrounding communities? Usually service businesses, like roofing companies or plumbers, will have one office to serve several surrounding towns. Unfortunately, Google My Business only lets you list physical locations, so you can only promote your business in the Local Three Pack in the one town where you have a physical presence.

For more online visibility, you can create location specific pages that talk about the community. Talk about how your service understands the unique needs of each town. For example, a nearby town your roofing company service may have a large number of Victorian homes. You can talk about how your company can provide historically-accurate roofing materials and colors. Also, showcase projects you've completed in the community. Post reviews from clients in this community if possible. A community page can't be the same as every other community page with just the name changed. This can hurt your SEO efforts as it is seen as duplicate content.

While you might not be able to get a GMB listing in cities where you don't have a physical presence, you can get a top ranking in the organic results. Make sure location specific pages have the town name and service in them. You have about 160 characters for the description as well to get these keywords in. You have to attract visitors with the description, so say something that will encourage people to click on your link.

Internally link to your community specific pages from your home page where you mention the areas you serve. You could include a menu page for Areas We Serve and link to the page from there instead. You don't want to have a home page with very little information and then link to community pages. Google frowns on doorway pages. For more information click here

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