Use These Low-cost Tips to Boost a Small Site's SERP

Typical SEO advice ignores the unique needs of online retailers. If you struggle to compete with Amazon and major brand retailers, try these four tips to boost your ranking.

  1. Write Unique Product Descriptions

If you use the standard manufacturer's decryption, Google does not count it as duplicate content so many people don't bother to re-write the product description. While certain things must remain the same, such as dimensions and material, try adding additional information, use synonyms and talk about the options. Unique, informative content never hurts.

  1. Catch Buyers in the Middle of the Sales Funnel

Write in-depth product guides which will help people decide whether a certain product is right for their needs. Talk about the manufacturer, how to use it and when is a good time to buy. It's work, but it will help your e-commerce website stand out from the online stores started by individuals who just cut and paste product images and descriptions.

  1. Guest Posting

E-commerce sites benefit from a link building campaign as much as any other type of website. Secure guest posting opportunities and link to the specific product you talk about in the post. Don't sell the product, offer a how to guide or other helpful information.

  1. User Generated Content

Encourage users to send in images or videos of themselves using your product. Include a special form on your website where they can submit their content and provide permission to use it. Offer a generous coupon code if you use their submission. This will give you added page content besides backlinks as the person will want to show their friend their image or video on your website modeling your clothes or cooking with your copper pots and pans.

The more you concentrate on e-commerce SEO, the less you will have to rely on expensive PPC ads and social media marketing. For more information click here

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