Use tags right and win the day on the web

Use tags right and win the day on the web

Using H1 tags on an e-commerce website is vital; without the tags on each page, Google will not know what text is the most important. Your category should be an H1 tag, as it is your most important keyword for that page. The content in your H1 tag is a ranking factor, although not the most important one. However, in the highly competitive online retail industry, every little bit helps. Some e-commerce webmasters use the H1 tag for the name of their brand. This is fruitless unless consumers search for their company by name.

Form H1 tags as questions to take advantage of user queries in this format. Google can understand user intent, so make your H1 tags grammatically correct, not written the way you assume consumers enter search queries.

H1 also tell your visitors what each page is about; people do not like to be presented with a jumble of products with no explanation. While you, as the webmaster, know that this is the page where you sell widget bundles, you cannot assume your visitors will grasp this right away. It is important to cater to users, as Google notices if visitors immediately head back to their search results. Your H1 tag assures your visitors that they are on a website will fulfill their needs.

You should use H2 and H3 tags on e-commerce websites because you should have text about your products, in addition to your online catalog. Without text, visitors do not have any reason to shop on your website; they could just go to Amazon instead. You have to explain the benefits of shopping at your online store, especially if so many other websites are selling the same product. Put your best value proposition in an H1 tag; people will only stay on your website if they see a clear benefit to themselves.

Use the H1 tag wisely and you should see your ranking improve and your bounce rate decrease.

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