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Green Light or Stop Sign? Analyze and Control Website Traffic

If you've just built your first website, the number of visitors is very important as it indicates how well your SEO efforts are working. You expect the number to slowly rise as you build links and market your content, but is a major spike ...

How to Deal With Third-Party Click Fraud on Your Website

So, today's the day we talk about click fraud. This is a serious problem for some advertisers and even the host sites themselves though for different reasons entirely. Click fraud is defined as repeatedly clicking on ads to drain money from the advertiser or ...

Local SEO Strategies to Boost Your Business

Local SEO is a tricky beast. If you design websites for clients that are trying to reach a local audience, the SEO process is different than it would be for an online retailer. There are some very specific elements that need to be present on the ...

How to Derive Traffic from Back-links While Avoiding Blacklisted Domains

Purchasing expired domains with existing backlinks and high MOZ rank is a solid idea to help boost rankings of your existing website. On the other hand, you must keep in mind that it can be detrimental if these domains were blacklisted by Google. The first sign ...

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