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Google relies on crawler programs sometimes referred to as "spiders" to discover websites, index their contents, and assess them as high-authority domains on certain subject matters so that they can be potentially listed high in SERPs generated for those topics. People who either own websites or work to improve websites' SEO have access to spider programs of their own, but the main reason they would want to use these programs is that the current state of their websites can be audited for SEO-related deficiencies. Having these programs crawl their own websites puts programmers and marketers in a position to both discover and fix incomplete or degenerate elements of their sites' surface-level contents and technical underpinnings that would most likely result in lower SERP rankings.

Screaming Frog is one such crawler program that is available to users outside Google. While its most relevant functionality is locked behind a yearly subscription, it can perform a rudimentary form of its crawling service on a limited number of URLs for free. Both versions of Screaming Frog, however, are set up to simply provide raw numbers and data to users; it the user's responsibility to study and learn how to interpret this data in the context of their own site. There are many online guides that teach readers how to determine whether or not certain results of the crawling process indicate satisfactory SEO, and Screaming Frog's own website provides instructions on how to parse what the program reports.

It would be impossible for a web spider to reliably instruct the user on what exactly their website needs to fix to solve their SEO problems because websites come in all shapes and sizes to meet the needs of countless distinct industries. At best, certain web spiders can estimate for the user what their website currently appears to be due for in terms of SEO-related steps. The auditing software hosted at the website for Pulno, for example, provides similar data as Screaming Frog while also attempting to tell the user that certain data points indicate certain SEO steps that need to be taken as soon as possible. For more information click here

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