Use Characters Wisely When Writing a Snippet for Google Crawlers

Google sometimes uses meta description tags as snippets in the search results. They no longer use the description meta tag for ranking. What the search giant does not use anymore is the keywords meta tag. This tag was so abused that they simply stopped considering it. Don't waste your time on them. Since meta descriptions can show up in the search results, you want to write the most enticing ones you can so people will click on your link. Google is more apt to show your meta description as a snippet if it matches text in your copy.

Avoid using duplicate meta descriptions, so each one adds value. While it's difficult if you have an e-commerce website with many products that are only slightly different, you can add unique qualifiers. Try mentioning about free shipping or high-quality so you have unique descriptions. Concentrate on the products that offer you the best ROI and your most popular ones first.

Remember, you need a minimum of 70 characters and you can't exceed 155 characters, otherwise the description is truncated. This applies to Google, Bing and other major search engines. You have to get right to the point. Always be relevant and include a call-to-action if you can. If you get stuck to descriptive phrases, go online and get inspiration from other websites.

Meta descriptions also have to be readable. Don't overuse capital letters for every word. Avoid excessive punctuation. Don't use special characters, like copyright symbols either.

Don't ditch meta descriptions completely, even if they don't affect your ranking in the SERPs. It may be tempting if you have a huge e-commerce site, but Google is often vague about many things. After all, they will indirectly affect the amount of traffic you receive if the description entices people scanning the search results. For more information click here

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