Use Any of These Free Tools to Find Broken Links

Broken links shouldn’t frustrate users to your website, however, if you have a site with more than a few pages, manually checking each link isn’t practical. There are several free tools that will identify broken links for you, including:

Google Webmaster Tools - Google Webmaster Tools will identify broken links via crawl errors. Using this tool will help your SEO efforts because broken links affect your website’s usability.

LinkChecker - LinkChecker is a free downloadable program with a GPL license. The developers accept donations. This tool will help avoid visitors getting a 404 error message.

Xenu's Link Sleuth - Also free, Xenu's Link Sleuth includes special handling for redirected URLs. As you build your website, it's difficult to keep track of all the links you've added. This broken link checker will help you check your site quickly.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider - There are free and paid versions available. The free version will crawl 500 URLs along with analyzing page titles and Meta data.

Online Broken Link Checker - Online Broken Link Checker checks internal and external links. The free version has a 3000-page limit, while the paid version checks an unlimited number of pages. The online link checker works on Windows, Mac, UNIX, Android and iOS devices.

Broken Link Checker - Broken Link Checker is an open source WordPress plugin available on Users give the plugin great reviews because users can check broken links from the WP admin panel or receive an email notification of broken links.

W3C's Link Checker - W3C's Link Checker is a free online tool where you put your URL in and choose from several options, such as a summary only.

Every website is susceptible to link rot. Websites can delete a page, change the permalink without redirecting visitors or the site is gone, abandoned until the domain expires. For more information click here

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