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Web traffic is effectively the lifeblood of any website because it directly provides the audience that the website's business and profits depend on. Each time a page is visited, for example, any advertisements posted on that page should generate revenue for the webmaster. If a website directly deals in a business such as having products to sell, then every person who presumably follows an external link or advertisement to that site will potentially make a purchase. SEO utilities such as Google Analytics routinely chart the number of impressions a given web page receives so that the owner can grasp what on-site features are drawing the most interest from the web and formulate plans to capitalize on that success.

One of the trickier realities of the web that people and corporations of all sizes must contend with is the prevalence of automated bots roaming the Internet and making impressions on web pages just for the sake of doing so. All traffic can be expected to have at least some botting presence in it, and this will assuredly drive up the number of individual "visits" a web page can be registered as having. This is not helpful because bots will not actually make use of any of the paid services that may be listed on the page, so traffic reports generated by Google Analytics will usually see inflated numbers of hits but not as many conversions as what would be logical and expected.

Google Analytics and other utilities offer functions that attempt to identify the segments of the traffic that came from bots and filter them from the results, but it is difficult to reliably determine which particular swaths of a given page's day-to-day traffic have indeed originated from users that are not human. It is quite plausible that some traffic will be a false positive for this because the software will see it as being merely "strange" despite it not actually being fraudulent in nature. That said, bot-detection functions can still be seen as useful enough because they usually manage to cut out the brunt of the offending traffic from reports. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/dshgzi/howgoodofajobdoanalyticsplatformdo_to/.

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