Tune Into SEO If You Are Starting A Website

A person plans to build a website that will highlight the best venues to go shopping at in their town. This person wants to have the site function as a go-to spot for the community's tourists and visitors who are new to the area. The purpose of the site is to be a one-spot stop for identifying where to shop for different types of items. The site owner wants to know how and where to implement SEO on the site so that people who are planning to visit the city and those who are there can easily find it when they do a local organic keyword search on Google or another major search engine.

One member of the SEO community mentioned that this person should start with quality written content that is unique and that will be helpful to the user. Once the site has useful and authoritative content, SEO can be added to it. This person recommended doing the content first, then finding an SEO tool to help with the implementation of the SEO marketing campaign.

Another person commented that SEO really needs to be implemented from the code of the site on up. The code is the site's foundation, and SEO needs to be in it for the long haul. This person suggested that the original poster take a basic SEO course in order to understand what they are getting themselves into with this type of a project.

Several additional people mentioned that content reigns supreme, but SEO is needed in the code as well as throughout the content. There is no "SEO" button to tap and have it suddenly get ranked well. These people noted that back links also need to be added into the site as pages are developed.

One last commenter noted that unless this is a major city, Google probably already has this covered. Google Maps and other pages that already exist have probably created content around the same subject. If the original poster is in a large city, then this type of information likely already exists on publicly owned and privately developed sites. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/bckogj/abouttlaunchmywebsitewherehowcanistart_to/.

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