Troubles With Getting Organic Traffic on a New Adult Website

A web designer just made their first adult website about one month ago. Since then, they have been working on adding video content and optimizing the site for search engines. This person worked on the search engine optimization for the content, post description title and meta data. However, they have still not managed to capture any organic traffic on their site and are unsure of what to do next. The person thought about buying back links from an SEO clerk, but they cannot afford to do this. They also tried to exchange back links, but never got any replies.

One person wrote back and said that if they were in this person's shoes, they would use specialized threads and share the content or link source. This would build brand awareness with people who would be direct customers. They also suggested doing an AMA and getting the name in front of people who would share it with others who like adult content.

Another person suggested that the original poster find the competitor's back links and pitch to them. This individual thinks that those back link owners are likely to revert back because they are difficult to get for adult sites. This person also suggested taking a look at how competing sites are building back links, such as from guest posts, directories or off-page activities.

Someone else added that there are a lot of people who specialize in this niche content. A lot of the SEO is black hat. People wondered if a site would get penalized for black hat SEO. Others added that brand awareness is what yields more traffic, and that is what the original poster needs to focus on for the future.

Someone else added that organic traffic depends on the niche. Adult is not a niche. There are over 100 fetish niches, for example. One person described their niche, amount of content and product options and said they get 100 to 200 organic search visitors daily. Others added that they use keywords for their niches. However, adult content would almost necessitate gray hat or black hat SEO techniques. For more information click here

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