Traffic Decreases Noted With Newest Google Algorithm Release

Following Google’s recent algorithm updates, which the company has stated was nothing out of the norm and required no new guidance for webmasters, many online businesses across varying niches have reported 30 to 40 percent organic search traffic drops. To many, it’s anything but routine when strategies previously working suddenly cease to function. So, what’s the game plan now?

The most important thing is to remember the ultimate objective here is for content to reach your audience. The how may fluctuate, but the what and why remain the same.

No matter what changes occur within Google’s algorithm, one baseline factor remains the same - relevant content. Google’s priority is to provide its audience with the most relevant content to their query. Now, that’s not to say there aren’t a lot of caveats going into relativity. Site speed and performance, for example, are considerations.

Oddly enough, optimization is a factor that’s gone down in importance since Google’s update last month that incorporated deep learning BERT, or bidirectional encoder representations from transformers, which is aimed at focusing less on keywords and more on natural language findings.

If you’re overusing and misusing keywords, then you’re already likely paying the price for it. Of course, it’s all but impossible to write a piece on The Alamo without using the words Alamo and Texas quite often in the script. Still, the primary focus of the future is relevant content, not keywords. So, if those keywords remain relevant and placed contextually, then you’re still in the game.

Your game plan should focus on ensuring the three key ingredients are always on your SEO kitchen shelf:

• The right target audience

• The right content for that audience through professional, quality, and useful creations.

• The right affiliations by using quality link-building practices and only with other quality sites.

Another facet here is that many website owners are placing all their proverbial eggs in one basket. Google may be the biggest and baddest of them all, but they’re not the only traffic source. Diversify from the standard organic Google search so that you have more gateways, and, as a result, Google is actually more likely to consider you an authority and rank you higher for your disloyalty.

Adopt a ‘better mousetrap’ game plan to become ‘of value.’ Scope out page one competitors. Why are they beating you, and what design are they using to do it? Of course, you never want to copy competitors because you’re offering nothing of new nor real value then, but you can emulate the type of framework that your competitors are finding successful. Take the components of that success and use your own ingenuity to build a better mousetrap. For more information click here

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