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Since 2008, the most influential search engine in the world has operated a team wholly dedicated to quality as well as to preventing unethical search engine optimization. The Google Search Quality Team works closely with algorithm engineers to ensure that users are not only getting the results they should be getting but also being protected from spammers and black hat SEO practitioners. One of the measures implemented by the Google Search Quality Team involves penalizing websites determined to be gaming the system, but quite a few of these unethical sites seem to fall through the cracks.

To the dismay of SEO professionals who routinely follow the rules, competition research often reveals spam-laden websites dominating the Google search engine results page (SERP). To many ethical SEO practitioners, this is akin to seeing bad behavior being rewarded instead of punished. The Google Search Quality Team has the ability to penalize spam websites and black hatters by automated or manual means, but it is frustrating to realize that they cannot catch all the bad apples.

The best advice for SEO professionals who run into examples of unethical behavior that has slipped by the Google Search Quality Team is to not worry about things that they cannot reasonably control. In some cases, it takes an algorithm change a few weeks to catch the cheaters. In other cases, some websites may seem to be spam emporiums when in reality that is just the way they appear. Gaming the system will only go so far these days, the focus should not be on the black hat SEO scoundrels running amok and getting away with fooling the algorithm; instead, the focus should be on paying attention to the website being optimized and offering content that is meaningful to targeted audiences.

Listening too much to what Google has to say is not the best strategy. Figuring out what your intended audience can benefit from when they visit websites is far more important than worrying about the Google Search Quality Team dropping the ball. While this may sound as being easier said than done, it has been an axiom of the marketing industry since the days before the internet arrived in people's homes. For more information click here

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