To change to an HTTPS web page is hard but not now

To change to an HTTPS web page is hard but not now

The Internet, despite how most of us refer to it in conversation, consists of all pages that are both publicly and privately available. We often confuse the Internet with the World Wide Web, or those sites we use web browsers to access, and are accessible by people around the globe. Such sites include those ending with com, edu, org, and co.

We also often mix up the meaning of search engine. While those designed specifically for the World Wide Web are what most of us understand as search engines, they're technically any type of program that browses through text documents to find words, letters, numbers, or combinations of numerals and other characters.

Search engines are the most popular type of site in the entire world. Google gets infinitely more hits than Baidu, Yahoo!, and other web-based search engines.

Google has been a popular page for over twenty years. Like many things in life, Google has significantly improved its hundreds of algorithms and calculations to provide users with what they're looking for, the purpose of which is to provide an unmatched user experience.

Part of boosting user experience is keeping Internet users away from cybercrime, malware, and data breaches by utilizing websites with hypertext transfer protocol secure, or those that feature the prefix HTTPS://. Web pages that are equipped with such HTTPS application layer protocol indicate the transmission of data packets protected by end-to-end encryption.

Google heavily weighs the presence of HTTPS, as compared to HTTP, in searches. Google, hasn't always placed preference on web pages that are protected by HTTPS. In attempts to obtain higher search results, many webmasters look to obtaining HTTPS for their web pages.

The Problem With Switching To HTTPS

Even though HTTPS helps protect end users and yourself, switching to the secured application layer protocol often penalizes your company's web page in the days and weeks following the transition.

Make sure to 301 redirect all pages hosted on your domain. Redirect searches for the old site to the new HTTPS one, and always canonicalize everything. Invest in HSTS, and separate your new listing in all webmaster applications separately.

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