Tips on How to Quickly Get More Good Fiverr Gigs

Getting on the first page of Fiverr takes a lot of positive reviews plus a good gig title and description. Getting positive reviews is hard when buyers never see your listing because it's buried on page five. There are plenty of capable workers with good reviews for buyers to choose from; they typically won't go through every listing as their time is limited. Fiverr's own TV ad shows a person finding a logo maker almost instantly.

Some Fiverr sellers have resorted to having a friend purchase a low-cost gig from them to get their first good review. This goes against the company's terms of service, but it can be the only way to get your first gig.

Another trick is to get a good URL for your gig so it grabs a potential buyer's attention. You can do this by creating a great title with keywords, even if it isn't grammatically correct. Now change your title to a grammatically one. The URL stays as Fiverr creates it from your first title, even when you create another title.

You also want to add the right tags to your gigs. Start typing into the search bar and see what auto fill tags appear. Buyers are searching for these services and you may not have thought of all the ways they search.

According to Fiverr, adding a video to your gig will attract buyers. A short, professional video with a neat, clean office in the background can reassure buyers. They don't want to imagine buying from someone in their pajamas working while surrounded by screaming kids.

Fiverr also offers a free course for buyers to help them compose attractive gigs and please buyers. Since they earn their money by taking a cut from each sale, they have a vested interest in a seller's success. For more information click here

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