Tips for How to Advance in the SERPs on Google

As a site developer and SEO marketer, you would be understandably frustrated to discover that a competitor has high domain authority and a first-ranking SERP as well as low-quality content. When you work hard in order to post high-quality content but do not have a top SERP or even a first-page ranking, you might wonder what you are doing wrong. One site manager asked this to a community of other SEO developers and received some helpful answers. The first person to reply to the frustrated SEO manager suggested that the site needs to have more links, and they need to be of a high quality. Without authoritative links, the Google search engine algorithms will not notice it or rank it well, even if it does have excellent content. Back links are the most important type of links to have. When creating relevant content, link back to main posts and similar content on the site that a person might want to read. Another person suggested analyzing that competitor's site and taking a look at which keywords and key phrases they are targeting in their SEO. Use those keywords. Examine where the site's back links are from. Target those sites to get quality back links on your site. Take a look at the speed of loading for that site and compare it to the loading speed for your site. Consider regularly updating your content. If the competitor's site uses infographics, images or videos, add those to yours. Find content gaps that the high-ranking site does not cover and that are not already in your content. Add them. If you can fill content gaps, you may get a better rank. A general strategy to use is create content, optimize it with SEO, analyze its loading speed and add quality back links to it. Make sure that the piece is user-friendly. Ensure that it loads properly on a mobile device. Put some tags in the images. Use SEO in the URL for the page. Create a transcript for any video content that you have, and make sure that the trasncript has SEO in place. For more information click here

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