Thinking of Being a Digital Nomad in Thailand? Consider This!

Thailand has become a popular destination for digital nomads who earn their living from an online business. From freelancers to SEO specialists and web designers, Thailand is home to a thriving community of online entrepreneurs. Before you make a decision to expatriate to Thailand there are some important things to consider.In Thailand You Can Bootstrap with Other Entrepreneurs Some online professionals find it beneficial to share living and working space with other entrepreneurs. This type of bootstrap environment can be good for getting the collaborative juices flowing and building your business. For others it can offer little more than a distraction. A downside of this type of Thailand working arrangement is that houses which shelter online workers can be targeted by local scammers. Sometimes police are even willing to pull a scam on workers. One must always remember that being a foreigner in a strange place carries risk. Living Expenses in Thailand are Deceptive Many online entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking they can obtain inexpensive housing in Thailand. They also think it will be cheaper to eat and afford other necessities. This is not necessarily true. While it may be possible to find housing for $200-$300 per month, these accommodations will leave a lot to be desired. They may lack air conditioning for one, something that becomes a must in Thailand. $500 per month would be the low end cost for what many consider to be decent living space. Traffic also tends to be very bad in Thailand, so those who are considering a move would do well to consider staying in an area where walking is feasible. As always, there are plenty of people willing to take advantage of expats who do not know the lay of the land. This could mean overcharging for basic goods and services. There are many factors for online professionals to consider before they make a move to Thailand. It can sometimes be helpful to the decision making process to enlist the advice of someone who has previous lived and worked in the country. For more information click here

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