These Are Surefire Ways to Get a Google Account Blocked

Having a free Google account gives you access to many services. Many, like search and YouTube, are free to use without an account, but you need an account for Gmail, Webmaster Central, AdWords and AdSense. Violate Google's policies or Term of Service and they will disable your account.

Having an AdSense account disabled hurts publishers as it takes away their source of income. There are multiple reasons Google will disable your AdSense account. The most common reason is invalid traffic. You could be clicking your own ads, asking visitors to click on ads or arranging for bots to click on your ads to inflate your earnings. Google will also disable an AdSense account if you place ads where visitors will accidently click on them while they try to navigate your website.

Google also suspends AdWords accounts for policy violations. They will suspend you if your landing page contains misleading information. They will also suspend you for promoting counterfeit goods or for promoting misleading content. If you run ads for spammy get-rich-quick schemes, they will disable your account.

If you spam people using your Gmail account, Google will block your account. If multiple people report your emails as spam, the company will take action. You can only send bulk emails to individuals who agreed to receive them. It does not matter if you target people whom you believe would appreciate your information.

Googler will notify you if they disable your account. You can appeal, but you only get one appeal. If Google turns down your appeal, the decision is final. Be very careful not to violate any of the company's policies. They specifically state in their terms that they can ban your account if you misuse it. They can suspend your account or terminate it at any time and they do this to people every day, For more information click here

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