There Is No One Comprehensive Guide to SEO Available Online

A person who engages in SEO marketing wanted to know from others about what they think is the most comprehensive guide for technical SEO. They know of some resources, but they wanted to find out from others who do SEO marketing. This is a subjective topic, and the original poster expected to get a wide range of answers.

One person wrote back to say that they think the best guide for technical SEO is dependent on hygiene and analysis. They would split it up this way because hygiene refers to documentation on tags, redirection errors and more. They said that Google has countless articles on this subject, and any of those in the first 100 returns would be a good guide to use.

This person went on to discuss the analysis side of things. They argued that there is little to no content developed for this. This person suggested that a savvy SEO marketer could get a lot of hits if they were to make one and post it on their website. They said that technical auditing is too broad of a subject to consider. If a person breaks it down into more specific types of analysis, then it is possible to find some content about it. However, the person would have to know the terms of what to look for in order to get reliable results from Google.

Another person suggested that technical SEO is focused on how pages on a website are constructed and what connects them. The original poster of the question wrote back to add to this comment, saying that they specialize in speed and rendering solutions for all of the different browsers, including the ones in the mobile environment. They wanted to know which guides a person would use for those types of analyses. They also noted that somebody else might be looking for guides on SEO that are focused on crawling behaviors or log analysis. They noted that the same information would probably not be included with the same guide. However, a person who could manage to write a comprehensive guide could be popular. For more information click here

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