The Truth About Pinterest Backlinks

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a multi-faceted practice that consists of doing things both on the face of web pages and altering their source code to ultimately change how well they rank for various search inquiries on search engines, typically Google, the world's most widely-preferred search engine.

One essential concept in search engine optimization is that of the backlink. Unlike many conceptrs in the field, backlinks are quite simple to understand.

What Is a Backlink?

When browsing the Internet, you've undoubtedly seen text that was colored orange, blue, or another color than the rest of the text - it may have been underlined, too. Clicking on that text sends you to another web page.

This is an example of a backlink, or links that send web users from the current site they're visiting to another. Other terms used to describe backlinks are incoming links and inbound links.

Getting Help Creating Backlinks

It should be easy to comprehend that, in order to have a backlink, there must be at least two web pages. The first should be the link to whatever website you're trying to promote. The second should be the site you're authorized to modify and include the backlink to.

Backlinks influence search engine rankings both positively and negatively. Including links to poorly-rated or irrelevant sites, as well as those that use unethical SEO tactics or are known to be scammers, is a surefire way to have Google dock your current standing on search engine results pages.

Including the right amount of backlinks, as well as those that are highly relevant, popular, also ranked well, and using text that relates to what's mentioned on the linked web page, usually improves websites' standing on search engines.

Is Pinterest Ideal for Backlinks?

For several years, likely since the advent of Pinterest, the social media site could be used to successfully include backlinks on and improve the standing of the linked-to website.

However, in just the past few months, Google started recognizing Pinterest backlinks as "nofollow," meaning you won't get anything from including links to a website on any Pinterest profiles.

This isn't widely known, however, as others in the SEO community feel that Pinterest can, in fact, help, though only if the Pinterest account in question is all decked-out for doing well in terms of search engine optimization. For more information click here

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