The Tale of and its Absence from the Superbowl

Web hosting platforms have been advertising during the halftime of the Super Bowl for more than a decade; however, was conspicuously absent when the Kansas City Chiefs made history in 2020. After five decades of not making it to the Super Bowl, the underdog Chiefs surprised the favored San Francisco 49ers, and web hosting firm SquareSpace made its television commercial debut with a clever ad featuring actress Winona Ryder. Unlike, SquareSpace did not make outlandish statements with regard to search engine optimization, and this was widely welcomed by the online marketing community.

SEO professionals have various reasons to dislike and disavow, and the previous Super Bowl commercial featuring American supermodel Karlie Kloss is often mentioned as the last straw. When it comes to SEO freedom, Wix is known as one of the least-friendly platforms around, and the problem is that the company continues to advertise the opposite. Staying away from Wix is one of the first things SEO professionals tell new clients; the second is to move all their website assets to WordPress, and this has a lot to do with on-page technical optimization.

Aside from the largely inaccurate boasting about SEO, the Wix platform is coded too rigidly. If you are looking to improve in terms of schema and structured data, for example, you will find it very challenging on Wix. The opposite can be said about WordPress, which virtually all SEO professionals agree is the one of the most friendly for search marketing. WordPress has a long history of playing nice with Google, but there is more than this established reputation to like about WP. When you need to customize your metadata, a factor that is crucial in terms of on-page SEO, WordPress sites will never let you down.

WP plugins specifically coded for SEO functionality are not only plentiful but also constantly updated for security and overall improvements. As for templates, WP will always hold the upper hand; quite a few WP themes, particularly those intended to be used for e-commerce, are designed specifically for SEO. In the end, there is no question that WP will always be a much better option than Wix as far as SEO is concerned. For more information click here

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