The Reasons Why Some SEO Marketers Feel Uneasy About Google

The Google search engine results page (SERP) is at the heart of everything that SEO professionals do, at least in terms of making a living, but this does not mean that they actually feel that this is the best platform for information retrieval. Discussions about the quality of the information presented on the Google SERP are becoming more common on SEO forums, and they often bemoan the direction that the world's most popular search engine has been going in.

A respected member of a forum dedicated to general SEO topics recently posted a story that highlights the uneasiness felt towards Google. It so happened that a friend asked him for help finding online information about an unusual health condition, specifically dealing with stomach cramps while following a smoking cessation program. Placing the search query on Google was not helpful; the top of the SERP was dominated by the likes of WikiHow and WebMD, which SEO professionals know as being high-authority websites by virtue of their advertising relationship with Google.

The first and second Google SERPs did not have any information related to the search query; the results were either focused on smoking cessation guides or general information about issues that may cause cramping in the stomach, but they were not helpful. Using quotation marks plus logical to force an exact search provided marginally better results because Google's algorithms insisted on guessing the intent of someone trying to give up smoking, an activity that can be quite lucrative for advertisers who promote products and methods in this regard.

What the SEO professional finally provided his friend were results provided by Bing. His story and the comments that his colleagues provided illustrate the way many of them feel about the state of Google search in 2020. The assumptions of the various search engine algorithms are resulting in SERPs that on many occasions do not provide the right information. Unfortunately, SEO professionals have no choice but to continue optimizing for the Google search algorithm no matter how they personally feel about it; this search engine continues to be the most popular around the world, and this is where clients wish to optimize their websites on. For more information click here

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