The Logic and Order of SEO-based Website Changes

The reason why alterations to websites - both to their visible web pages, known as on-page SEO, and to their technical, behind-the-scenes code written out in HyperText Markup Language, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets, the three languages necessary for the creation of websites from a clean slate - ultimately makes up most of the practice of search engine optimization is that search engines use algorithms to process search engine results pages to various search inquiries requested by Internet users. SEO can also be carried out through a handful of other applications outside of making direct changes to web pages, such as through the modification of social media profiles' contents.

Understanding the order in which search engine optimization changes should be carried out

Let's face it, no matter which well-known, professional SEO figure or what SEO or digital marketing advice-giving organization tells you the "right" way to perform search engine optimization, there is no single, almighty, "right" way to carry out SEO practices.

However, there are benefits to performing SEO practices in certain orders.

Imagine that you're building a website and just completed everything related to on-page SEO - What's next?

On-page SEO additions, removals, and alterations ultimately influence the aggregate bank of relevant information that search engines have access to regarding your personal interests, your company's operations, your nonprofit organization's good causes, or your government agency's formal responsibilities and functions. As such, on-page SEO is often performed first by most modern digital marketers.

What comes next?

Of course, considering that search engine optimization can be practiced by carrying out any one or more practices of the countless available functions that have a material effect on search engine results page rankings, many things can come next.

However, content creation is essential. It should be composed from scratch, of high quality, of relatively low readability scores in terms of Flesch-Kincaid readability scores, and infused with healthy, powerful SEO practices, then disseminated across the Internet via a number of well-trusted sources.

Meaningful, high-quality, authoritative backlinks from trusted pages should be tied into this original content, as well as the web page you're working on. Press releases are also a good idea to invest in, given the fact that they're on-topic, relevant, and published by high-quality press release distribution outlets. For more information click here

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