The Dirty Secret Behind Why Your Google Ranking Has Gone Down

Google is the world's best search engine in terms of popularity. Although it wasn't the first search engine to hit the World Wide Web after Tim Berners-Lee made the Internet public in 1991, with competitors like Yahoo! having beaten Google to the chase, it's unarguably the single best technology of its kind.

People Can Influence the Results of Search Engines

Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, and all other search engines' results can be manipulated through what's known as search engine optimization - SEO for short.

Although there are unethical means of boosting websites higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), most practitioners swear by using white hat methodologies, or ethical means of improving SERP rankings, in their philosophies toward SEO.

Web forums are full of questions asked by complete SEO noobs and their advanced professional counterparts alike. A common question involves asking why a website's established Google rankings have disappeared within a few hours, days, or a couple of weeks. In the SEO world, this is a very short-term basis. As such, it's weird for website owners and practitioners of search engine optimization alike to run into such an issue.

What Are Reasons for Such a Disappearance Taking Place?

A recent question was posed on a web forum in which the author claimed that his or her website was ranking favorably for over 50 keywords. Within a week's time, none of those 50-plus keywords were generating results - not even for the top 100 search results! The author claimed that about a dozen of those rankings finished on the front page of Google - a.k.a. in the top 10 results.

What happened?

Answers include blaming changes within Google's algorithm with being responsible for the massive exodus. Nobody but Google, the company, can do anything about this. Although most websites' rankings aren't affected by such changes, including the most recent one, some people, in fact, do get hurt disproportionately.

Penalties for black hat SEO methods could be to explain, though this shouldn't be turned to as a viable explanation after thoroughly investigating the former explanation. For more information click here

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