The Basics Make for the Best SEO

SEO doesn't have to be hard; many website owners never bother with the low hanging fruit. You can spend hours chasing backlinks, which are important, but you can also implement these suggestions.


Convert your website from HTTP to HTTPS by purchasing an SSL certificate and installing it. If you are tech-savvy, it is an easy process. You can get a free open source SSL certificate which you have to renew every 60 days if you are on a tight budget. Google favors sites using the HTTPS protocol.

Make Your Website Load Fast

You can have the best content, however, if your website loads slowly, people won't wait for it. Google uses load speed as one of the factors they consider when ranking websites. Google's PageSpeed Insights tool will analyze your website and make suggestions for making your website load faster.

Revamp Your Content

Go through your old content and see if you can update it to make the post or article more relevant today. Add H2 and H3 headers with keywords if the post does not already have them. If the content is old, and not worth saving, and it does not have any links pointing to it, delete it.

Add Structured Data

You can easily add code to your website so Google will understand data you want to highlight and display it in the search results. Reviews and FAQ are examples of rich snippets displayed in search results. There's no guarantee Google will display your data.

Link Roundups

Create an in-depth, engaging post and then work on getting backlinks from link roundups. Link roundups publish links to great articles in their niche. It's easier than guest posting because link roundups are in business to publish links. Your content has to be stellar to get a backlink.

Try these low hanging fruit suggestions when you are looking for an SEO boost. For more information click here

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