The Art of SEO Is a Timeless Reference to Keep

When a person is trying to get started in SEO, it can be a challenge to find the best resources for reference. There are a lot of references out there, including websites, tutorials, eBooks, printed books and conferences. Each person's learning style is different, and it is important for you to know what yours is so that you can hone in on that type of reference material. One experienced SEO coder has made a recommendation for The Art of SEO Book by Eric Enge. This book offers an introduction that is comprehensive. The chapters follow up with in-depth information about trending keywords, analysis, SERPs, algorithms, back links, content, tags and more. While the coder who recommended The Art of SEO Book by Eric Enge is not new, this person still found the book to be quite helpful to have on hand. The Art of SEO Book by Eric Enge is not a new book. A few people wondered if the book's information is still relevant since it is many years old. Most of the reviewers stated that they do find the information to be relevant. Google's algorithms have identified black hat strategies and are doing away with a lot of the old tricks that used to trigger a high SERP for the sites that used them. That is about the only change that reviewers of The Art of SEO Book could come up with for what is no longer applicable in the text. Another person noted that they had seen Eric Enge in person at a talk related to SEO marketing. The talk was helpful and suited the person's combined auditory and visual learning style. Some of these talks may be recorded and available online so that you can refer to them as the need arises. Other commenters noted that Eric Enge has a lot of YouTube content available. Most of that content is available for free, although there may be some ads embedded into the content. The YouTube videos could also be a helpful source whether or not you choose to get a copy of The Art of SEO. For more information click here

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